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Tidman's Rock Salt

Tidman's Salt

Tidman’s, another long-established salt brand, merged with Maldon in the 1970’s and the name lives on in two rather special products. Tidman’s Rock Salt is a properly coarse salt for mills and grinders. It puts up the sort of fight that grinders appreciate. A pure white rock salt, it not only brings out the flavour of food, but also includes naturally occurring minerals essential for a healthy diet. Which is a bonus.

For even greater comfort, we suggest you relax either before or after dinner (or even both) in a bath primed with Tidman’s Soothing Sea Salt Bathing Crystals. Used to relax the body, cleanse and soothe the skin, these natural mineral salts ease aches and pains, promote wellbeing and restful sleep. Who knew salt could be so comforting? Well the Victorians actually, keen users of Tidman’s bath salts over 100 years ago.

Tidman’s Rock Salt is available in 500g packs for hours of grinding fun.

Tidman’s Soothing Sea Salt is available in 1kg packs for hours of bathing pleasure.

Tidman's Rock Salt
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