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Frances Bissell - Consultant Chef and Food Writer

Lavender Salt

with rosemary and Maldon sea salt


  • English lavender flowers
  • Maldon sea salt
Lavender Salt

Lavender salt is an unusual and subtle flavour enhancer for freshly cooked vegetables, served warm rather than hot. Green or white asparagus, new potatoes tossed in butter and a soft-boiled egg, all dusted with a little lavender salt – a gustatory delight. Sprinkle lavender salt on cod fillets cooked in olive oil with garlic. Season duck breasts with it after grilling them…

Because salt is a mineral, it has no volatile oils and flavour compounds to combine with other ingredients. You cannot, therefore, make a truly flavoured salt by ‘infusing’ it with another ingredient; lavender salt cannot be made by burying a few lavender sprigs in a jar of salt. Celery salt, for example, is made by grinding dried celery seeds with salt, and this is the method to use if you want lavender salt.

Use one part English lavender flowers to about ten parts Maldon salt. The flowers need to be absolutely dry otherwise they will cake with the salt. Grind them together in a mortar, or use a clean coffee grinder.

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